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  Music Festival Identity, Website, Mobile Application

An experiential cultural music festival

for the Asian diaspora.

Mela is more than just another music festival. It is a journey through an artist's soul, an immersion into the self and the extended world. It is particularly aimed towards the South Asian diaspora community in New York they often share a feeling of “homesickness” or lack of connection to the completely different culture in the United States, away from home. Music evokes feelings and can be a great medium for both therapy and an outlet to talk about one’s emotions and connect with others.

Timeline: 8 weeks

Scope: Art Direction, Identity, UI/UX, Print Design

Collaborators:  Sanchi Oberoi

Mela Indian Music Festival '19: Sneak Peak

Keywords: Look and Feel

Outdoor Posters

Outdoor Banners

Web Experience

An interactive pre-launch website was created for people to discover festival information, purchase tickets, shop on the merchandise store etc.

Homepage: Hover Interactions

Schedule: Information

Experiences: Shamiana, Aawaz, Khana, Fasana

Shop Merchendise: Tote, Hoodie, Cups

Festival Wristbands for Admission

Spotify: Curated Festival Playlist

Facebook: Event Page

Mobile Website: Homepage, Schedule, Shop

Digital Marketing

Event pages were created on Facebook Events and Event Brite. People can enjoy a curated Spotify playlist featuring artists at the Festival too. 

Spotify: Curated Festival Playlist

Mobile App Launch Posters

Mobile Application

The word 'Mela' means collective gathering and connection. The app has a set of fun and interactive tasks that motivate the atendees to interact and get familiar  with the physical space, break the ice and get to know other fellow festival atendees.

Instagram Invite

Apple Wallet Tickets